The Republic of Farreach

The vast plains that compose the heart of the mainland, Farreach is a patchwork land ruled by diplomacy and the will of the people who live within the republic’s bounds. Approximately 385 miles across, from east to west.


-Mostly plains, meadows, fields etc, though with the population growth more is becoming farmland to support those who live there -there are few major rivers, but several springs, small creeks, and ponds/lakes,


Ran by the representatives from the sub-nations of Farreach, the Senate is the main body of power, holding sway over issues at a national level. Each region tends to have it’s own smaller body of power that rules on a more local level. A characters Citizen Status determines their level of power and involvement in the government.

Important Locations:

Farreach (city): The capital of Farreach, this is as close to a sprawling metropolis as one gets in Marana.

The Republic of Farreach

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