A rocky, militant nation ruled by a monarchy, Belgaer fell into hard times and never fully recovered. After their previous conflicts, Belgaer has been forced to depend on Farreach for a decent amount of their food supplies as the Republic has far higher yielding land. Before the last Great War stripped them of their land and standing army, Belgaer was a great exporter of war and weaponry. Now they prefer to keep small military companies outfitted with some of Belgaer’s finest arms and armor. These groups are often sent out to hunt down monstrous creatures rather than to fight other humans as that is where the coin now flows.


Rocky fields, harrowing cliff sides, and rough coastlines define most of Belgaer. The nation has tried to take advantage of this, building their cities into and under the stone, valuing defense more than comfort.


Belgaer is always ruled by a King or Queen (currently _). Though once there were many noble families due to loosing land and resources there are only three families that are recognized as being the ‘high nobles’ of Belgaer. The ties between these nobles and the Mercenaries guild are strong, as the nobles not only hire bonded companies but some even lead mercenary companies.

Important Locations:

Belgaer (city):


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